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R/C Drag Racing

Excited to bring back R/C Drag Racing! Happening on Feb 4th. 

Greenpower USA Racing

We are excited to host Vanguard Academy's "Vanguard GrandPrix (GOBLIN/F24)" on Feb. 4th at 10:30AM. Race will be taking place at Oval Park.

Beer garden & Live Music

We will be selling beer along-side live music! Will be on the east side of the convention center and inside the exhibits. 

Food Trucks

If you're hungry make sure to stop by one of the 5 food trucks!

Texas Tops showcase

Texas Tops will be coming to showcase vehicles including jeeps and trucks, and answer any questions about what they do. East side of Convention Center.

Swap Meet

A swap meet will be taking place! If you're interested head over to the online Application here.

Lego Racing

Check out the Lego Derby racing challenge! Stop by and build your own LEGO car! Will be held in room 101.


  • There will be 11, One Hour Time slots from 10AM - 9PM on Feb. 4th. 

  • There will be 7, One Hour Time slots from 10AM - 6PM on Feb. 5th.

  • 12 people per time slot.

  • First come first serve.

Map of outside activities
(east side of convention center)

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